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"We are what we do, we are what we eat" of FC Barcelona

The FC Barcelona Foundation has presented the campaign We are what we do, we are what we eat in collaboration with the Alicia de Ferran Adrià Foundation and other organizations. The campaign tries to promote good eating habits among children and young people and for this they use their idols, the footballers that all children and young people admire and follow in addition to young promises from the Masia, the FC Barcelona quarry.

Coosur Olives Pate

The well-known Coosur company, which markets Olive Oil, other vegetable oils, vinegars, sauces and dressings, has launched a range of pates made exclusively with selected olives of its own harvest. Coosur Olives Patés are 100% natural and rich in natural antioxidants and six varieties are sold; three monovarietals: Patos de Olives Coosur Picual variety (olive of Jaén), Paté of Olives Coosur variety Hojiblanca (olive of Malaga) and Paté of Olives Coosur variety Manzanilla (olive of Seville); and another three with spices and natural essences: Coosur Olives Pate with Pepper, Coosur Olives Pate with a mild Anchovy flavor and Coosur Olives Pate with Fine Herbs.

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Use and close cans

Didn't it ever happen to you that you open a can and suddenly anything happens and you don't finish it? Or do you open a coke for a combination and you have half left over? Do you feel angry that the gas goes away and with the crisis you don't like to throw anything away? If you feel identified with any of these questions, you would like to know that they have invented a system for opening cans that can be closed again.

Kitchen decoration: Appliances. Trends

In principle, this Special Kitchen Decoration was not going to deal with appliances. We know that they are an essential part of our kitchen, so we prefer to leave it for a little later and thus talk in detail about each of them, but of course, we could not close the special without at least touching the issue of the trends, therefore, this, which will be the last post of the series is dedicated to them.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Launches Pastry Products Brand

There is no doubt that when actresses and actors are no longer so sought after and do not appear on the screens, many seek to relocate their professional activities. On previous occasions other actresses such as Jessica Alba with The Honest Company or Gwyneth Paltrow with Goop, have ventured into the world of gastronomy with relative successes.

X Sample of Carbonic Maceration Wines, FIRST 2007

The Palacio de Congresos de Madrid hosts on December 14, 15 and 16 the X Exhibition of Wines of Carbonic Maceration, FIRST 2007. Last year we echoed this event, but this will be the year we meet him, on his tenth anniversary. This sample that was born to enhance the wines of carbonic maceration, has been part of the increase that has been perceived in the production of these wines.

Do you want to save your favorite recipes from Direct to the Palate? Like

There are several ways to save recipes from Direct to Palate. Some people use browser bookmarks, third-party services or even those who print them, but the easiest, fastest, most convenient and effective way to save your favorite Direct to Palate recipes is by clicking the button I like. Not that of Facebook or Twitter - which we also love that you press them - but he likes it with a little star next to it.

The Macallan, the summit of whiskey

The term whiskey is derived from Gaelic and means "water of life", it is produced with water and cereals and must be distilled at an alcohol content of less than 95%, with aging in barrels for at least 3 years. For a whiskey to receive the Scottish qualification, it must take place in a distillery in Scotland, where there are three groups or types, depending on the elaboration or components: Grain Scotch Whiskey, Blended Scotch Whiskey and Malt Scotch Whiskey.

Oregano, my favorite aromatic herb

The Oregano of my eyes Yes, oregano is my favorite aromatic herb. Its name comes from two Greek words that mean joy of the hills referring to how adaptable it is. There are a multitude of plants of different origin. But which oregano is more advisable to buy to grow?

Recipe of Russian steaks with gorgonzola

Russian fillets, scallops or scallops, are fillets passed by flour, egg and breadcrumbs, which gives these fillets an extra juiciness and, well, some more calorie, so we must accompany this recipe of Russian fillets with gorgonzola with a Good salad of fresh vegetables.

How to get a sponge cake

One of my favorite pastry preparations is a good chocolate cake, these cakes stand out for being moist, juicy, fluffy, and letting them eat very well, but nevertheless many of the times we prepare them we do not get at home that perfect cake that we pursue . To try to remedy these situations today in Live to the Palate we will bring you some tips to get a sponge cake of chocolate like the one that everyone would like to prepare.

Funny fruits and vegetables

We are already in summer ... which means heat, but also free time and of course, a huge variety of fruits and vegetables in the market. Antonio Coca offers us ideas to spend the summer months learning with this raw material. Antonio Coca is head chef and lover of trying new things.

The "rich", a sweet in extinction ?.

The "rich" are a specialty that can only be obtained in several patisseries in the town of Melide (Coruña). It is a sweet typical of the area, which was always prepared in private homes, especially in rural areas, while now it is being increasingly reduced to professional preparation, as indicated by Melchora, one of the establishments where the "rich" are produced by hand.

Bad times for chestnuts

Galicia and Asturias suffer great losses due to the reduction of chestnuts this year, so they are looking forward to the production of El Bierzo and northern Portugal, but the problem affects the entire territory, they are bad times for chestnuts. According to the news, only a loss of two million kilos is calculated in Ourense, which can already be seen in the prices presented by the market.