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Prawns in celery salad and endives.

Another salad that perfectly harmonizes the flavors of the sea with those of the earth. Ingredients: 3 endive buds, 200 grams of prawns, 2 celery, 100 grams of peeled walnuts, 4 sprigs of marjoram, 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey, 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Preparation: Peel the prawns by removing the heads.

Flügel, the energetic drink with red vodka

We were struck by a small container that contained a red drink, 20 ml to be more exact. It was an energetic drink with red vodka, Flügel. Its alcohol content is 10% and presented as an alternative between glasses. It seemed to be one of those candy bottles that are sold for children, both for its format, its color and the design of the label, but it was not.

Pajama dessert. Recipe

In the 80s there was no restaurant that was prized that it did not have in its letter the Dessert pajamas, a classic that although it seems old, is still present among the sweet proposals of many restaurants. But where did this "complete" dessert come from? Well, he was born in one of the most emblematic restaurants in Barcelona, ​​7 Portes, which in 1951 and to entertain the officers of the VI American Fleet docked those days by the port of the City of Barcelona and regular customers of the place, he created the pajama dessert based on Pêche Melba, one of the favorite sweets of American soldiers.

A luxurious twist for the ham sandwich

The ham sandwich is a classic, which still fascinates me for its simplicity and flavor. Freshly baked bread, ham, a little scrubbed tomato and a little oil make me feel like the gods of Olympus. And you can imagine my joy, when I learned that next month, five chefs from Madrid reinvent the traditional Serrano sandwich.

Prawn and trick croquettes recipe for more flavor

I love croquettes. I like to have it at snack time, I get excited at dinner time with a little salad and I love it when it comes to eating as a first or second course. That's why I'm always making homemade croquettes. Today I am going to tell you my recipe for shrimp croquettes and I will give you the trick so that they have more flavor.

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Tricolor vegetable terrine. Recipe

Some time ago I placed an order at an online store, Kitchen Whims, and I was surprised by two things in a special way. First, I received the order just when they told me. And the second and very pleasant. They sent me some cards with recipes depending on the kitchen accessory I bought.

Apple tarts and lemon scented laurel. Recipe

Although the apple is more of autumn I do not resist from time to time to prepare some candy with it because I love the cakes prepared with this fruit. So today they play these apple tarts with lemon and bay aroma, very simple to make and with a different and original point that this aromatic herb brings.

Lamb croquettes recipe

First of all I would like to dedicate this recipe of lamb croquettes to a friend who told me one day, "and why don't you make some ham croquettes or something?", And the truth is that he was right. I made "croquettes of something". There is nothing better in full crisis than being able to scratch in the fridge and take advantage of those leftovers that we do not know very well what to do.

Mallorca, wine island

Mallorca, the island of wine is a book, a book that was born with several objectives. First of all tell us that, although it is not as well known as that of other Spanish regions, in Mallorca there is a rich wine history, and to show us they have designed a route that will take us through different wineries on the island.

Fresh and tender cheeses for a brunch

The weekends are perfect for getting up late, taking life with a little more calm, free from daily stress. These are the days to prepare a complete brunch, where there are no formalities or labels, alone or in the company of friends. Direct to the palate we talked about brunch and some ideal recipes for it.

Chefexact, for hotel management

Through one of the clues that you readers provide us, we have known Chefexact, a very complete management system very suitable for the world of hospitality but not for our house. To ensure that a hotel establishment yields 100%, control is vital, from it derive in part the good results and competitive prices.

13 very simple kitchen utensils that will change your life (especially if you are a beginner)

After the holidays, almost all of us have made the purpose of taking care of ourselves more, eating healthier and, to the best of our ability, cooking more at home and eating less prepared food. To help you with that noble intention, these 13 very simple kitchen utensils that will change your life will come in handy (especially if you are a beginner) Among these utensils, we have included a basic and essential equipment for your kitchen, especially if You will start on these tasks, as well as some very useful gadgets for the most common tasks and recipes that will undoubtedly be practical.

Air Berlin offers gourmet menus

Air Berlin prefers to offer gourmet menu service before customers opt for the Gourmet Picnic we named recently made by luxury hotels. This new offer will take effect from May 1 of this year, offering dishes from the Viennese catering company DO & CO.

Rolled eggplant and cottage cheese. Recipe

A great entree, or a quick dinner, it seems incredible how simple it is to prepare these rolled eggplants and cottage cheese, and how good they are. Since we tried them the first time, it is rare the week that we do not prepare them, and we all like them at home. Ingredients for 4 people 1 eggplant, tempura flour and water, 200 gr.

Rice cooking times

Rice is one of the most consumed, versatile and delicious foods with which we have in the gastronomy, being also the main base of many traditional dishes, among which is our popular paella. One of the most important elements to succeed when preparing a dish with rice is its proper cooking, and it is here that the times and the amount of liquid that the recipe needs play a decisive role.