The nine best recipes with fresh tuna from Direct to the Palate

It is increasingly easy to find fresh tuna in the markets. That's why we have selected the nine best recipes with fresh tuna from Direct to the Palate, so that you have them on hand and can prepare them when you get a good tenderloin of this delicious ingredient.

Fresh tuna, both white and red, as well as almadraba or even the cheapest varieties such as yellow fin, is a lean blue fish whose texture somewhat resembles that of meat, so it is easy to get the whole family to like it.

Nine recipes with fresh tuna to enjoy in summer

Beyond the classic nigiris, or bluefin tuna sashimi, this fish has many possibilities in the kitchen. In addition to tartar, tuna is very rich in recipes in which it is marked slightly. The secret to make it good is not to cook it much to prevent it from drying out. Of the nine recipes we suggest below, which one is more palatable?

1. Fresh tuna timbale with roasted peppers

  • Ingredients: 250 gr of fresh tuna, 1 yellow pepper, 1 green pepper and 4 piquillo peppers (canned)
  • preparation: We start by leaving the tuna at room temperature, if we can about 30 minutes before cooking. To prepare the peppers quickly, we cut them into pieces, sprinkle them with a pinch of fat salt and mix them with a spoonful of olive oil, inside a glass bowl, cooking them in the microwave in a grill function for 5 minutes. You can also make them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 190 ° C While they are baking, we pass the piquillo peppers through the iron, until browned a little. Once the yellow and green peppers are baked, we take them out and remove their skin. If we want we can cut them into strips, although it is not necessary. With a hoop or plating mold, we are placing layers of pepper by colors, trying to give some height to the timbale. We make the grilled tuna taco over high heat so that its surface is browned and the interior is left uncooked, which will be tempered. It is important that the tuna is very fresh and it is convenient that you freeze it for 48 hours to avoid the risk of anisakis. Once all its faces are golden, we take it out and cut it into steaks about three millimeters thick as you see in the collage. We mount the tuna loins inside the timbale, so that each piece is cornered over the previous one and sprinkle with crystallites or sea salt flakes. We make a vinaigrette with olive oil and soy sauce, emulsify it and use it to stain the plate and cover the food. We remove the hoop and serve immediately.

Full Recipe | Fresh tuna timbale with roasted peppers

2. Tuna Tartare

  • Ingredients: 300 g Fresh tuna (loin), Soy sauce, 15 ml, Wok sauce, 15 ml, Yellow pepper, 50 g, Celery, 15 g, Mayonnaise, 15 g, Lemon juice, 15 ml, Soft olive oil, Lettuce bud (to present), Sesame seeds (to present), Capers 20 g
  • Preparation: We chop the tuna loin tuna into very thin pieces, that is, we chop it. We do this process with a knife, so we need one that is very sharp, otherwise, instead of chopping it, we will crush it. Mix the chopped tuna with the soy sauce and the wok sauce and let it macerate in the fridge for 15 minutes. Chop the pepper in fine brunoise and, in a pan, sauté it in a tablespoon of olive oil, over very low heat. Once ready, remove the pan from the heat and let the pepper cool. Meanwhile, we finely chop the celery and also the capers. When the pepper has cooled, we add it to the chopped tuna along with the celery and capers. Remove. Finally, we incorporate mayonnaise sauce and lemon juice. Stir again until integrated and serve immediately on leaves of lettuce buds, washed and drained, and sprinkled with sesame seeds, to provide a crunchy touch.

Full Recipe | Tuna tartare

3. Tuna at Puttanesca

  • Ingredients: A slice of 1 cm tall tuna, 1 piquillo pepper, 1/2 chilli pepper, 2 ripe tomatoes, 1 garlic clove, 6 anchovies, 10 capers and 4 black olives
  • preparation: As if we were facing a pasta recipe, the first thing is to prepare the sauce, which has to be like a thick tomato sauce. To do this, we start by chopping the piquillo pepper and half a chili pepper, and putting it to brown in the pan with a little olive oil. Add the peeled and diced ripe tomatoes and let them cook with the pepper, stirring occasionally while the sauce thickens. Chop the anchovies and capers and add them to the pan. When we see that the sauce is almost at its point, we make the grilled tuna letting it cook for a minute and a half on each side, so that it is made on the outside and with a little point made inside. When the tuna is cooked, place the slice on the plate and cover the tuna with the freshly made puttanesca sauce. Then we decorate it with the boneless black olives cut in half, serving it immediately.

Full Recipe | Puttanesca tuna

4. Miso glazed tuna

  • Ingredients: Fresh tuna 400 g, Miso 30 ml, Honey 15 ml, Rice vinegar 15 ml, Mirin or white wine 5 ml, Lemon juice 3 ml, Low salt soy sauce 15 ml, Extra virgin olive oil and a little more for the plate 5 ml, sesame seeds, fresh beans in their pods 1 kg, fresh fennel (leaves) or dill, capers 15 ml, lemon juice and its zest 5 ml, ground black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, Salt.
  • Preparation: Mix in a bowl all the ingredients of the sauce (up to 5 ml of oil), beating well to have a homogeneous cream, not too thick or too liquid. Dry the tuna with paper towels, place on a deep plate and paint with a little of the sauce. Let marinate while preparing the salad. Remove the beans from the pods. Put water to heat and scald them for a couple of minutes, depending on the size. Drain quickly, better if we let them cool in a cold bowl on ice. The outer skin will have become darker and it is easy to remove it, very gently so as not to break them too much. Arrange in a bowl, add capers, chopped fennel leaves, zest and lemon juice and oil to taste. Sprinkle lightly and mix well. For tuna, heat some oil on an iron or good pan and cook back and forth. Add the sauce on both sides to glaze the fish. We can use the grill for the final touch if we have the oven on, or give it a touch of blowtorch. Serve with an extra final layer of sauce if we have left over, and sesame seeds.

Full Recipe | Miso Glazed Tuna with Tender Bean Salad

5. Tuna tataki with salmorejo

  • Ingredients: For the tataki, 2 tacos of sirloin, morrillo or tuna loin of about 150 gr each, soy sauce and a few drops of sesame oil. For the salmorejo, 6 red tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 6 slices of hard bread and a dash of vinegar. To decorate, extra virgin olive oil with chopped parsley, a few drops of soy sauce and alfalfa sprouts
  • preparation: We put the pieces of tuna in maceration, in a plate with soy sauce and a few drops of sesame oil. While marinating, we prepare a salmorejo, using the glass blender in which we put the chopped tomatoes, garlic cloves and slices of bread dipped in water. After whipping a little, we will get a thick cream. Then we add the extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, so that they are incorporated into the cream. Once to our liking, we try and rectify salt. If we want the finest salmorejo, we pass it through the Chinese and reserve in the fridge. Cut the pieces of tuna sirloin once marinated, in two or three portions each. In a very hot iron, or a pan with very little oil, we mark them on each side with very strong fire. We will only do it for a minute, so we will try to make it crispy, and the heat will penetrate the entire slice. We place the salmorejo in the center of the plate, and we surround it with extra virgin olive oil scented with chopped parsley. On the salmorejo, we put some alfalfa sprouts. We place the loin pieces around the salmorejo, putting a dash of parsley oil and the marinade soybeans above the pieces so that the colors contrast.

Full Recipe | Tuna tataki with salmorejo

6. Tuna and lemon marinated tuna tacos

  • Ingredients: Coarse salt 300 g, Sugar 100 g, Fresh thyme branch 2, Lemon zest 2, Fresh tuna 200 g, Extra virgin olive oil, Cherry tomato to decorate 6.
  • Preparation: We start by cutting the tuna into 16 tacos, removing the sides and reserving them to make, for example, a tuna tartare. We must ensure that they are all the same size and shape, as well as being "snack", since we will serve as an appetizer. It is appropriate to cut cubes of 2 x 2 cm maximum, although I have cut them in the form of a rectangular prism. Place the salt, sugar, thyme and lemon zest in a bowl and mix well. With 1/3 of the mixture, we cover the base of a container of size according to the amount of tacos that we have cut. We place the tacos on top, leaving space between them, and cover with the rest of the mixture making sure to fill in the gaps. We introduce the container in the refrigerator and let it stand for a maximum of 2 hours. After this time, remove the salt and clean each taco with a brush. We wash them under a fine stream of water, without passing them so that they are not watery, and we dry them with absorbent paper. When serving the tacos, we lightly grease them with extra virgin olive oil. We cut the cherry tomatoes into four slices each, ensuring that they are chubby, and we skewer them in chopsticks along with the marinated tuna.

Full Recipe | Tacos with thyme and lemon marinated tuna

7. Tuna with eggplant and tomatoes

  • Ingredients: Onion, 0.5, Eggplant, 1, Cherry tomato, 200 g, Fresh or thawed tuna, clean, 300 g, White wine, 50 ml, Red chilli paste or concentrate, 2.5 ml, Fish or fumet broth or vegetables or water , 200 ml, Ground black pepper, Salt, Extra virgin olive oil, Basil
  • preparation: Chop the scallion and cut the eggplant into small cubes. Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and poach the scallion a few minutes. Add the eggplant, salt and pepper and saute about 10 minutes over medium heat. Add the tomatoes, halved if they are somewhat large, and water with the white wine. Add the chilli paste, stir well and cover with the broth or water. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer over medium-low heat for 10-15 minutes. Uncover and remove. Continue cooking for a few more minutes until the vegetables are well cooked. Add the chopped tuna, cover and cook a few more minutes, until the fish is ready. Season with salt and pepper and add some chopped basil leaves.

Full Recipe | Tuna with eggplant and tomatoes

8. Tuna tataki marinated in Ponzu sauce

  • Ingredients: 300 g of fresh tuna in a taco or ingot, soy sauce 75 ml, dashi broth made with kombu seaweed and katsuobushi tuna flakes, 50 ml, lemon juice a splash, fresh ginger, 5 g, white sesame seeds and black to decorate, dried wakame seaweed for garnish
  • preparation: We start preparing the homemade Ponzu sauce. We make a quick dashi broth, mixing the ingredients and bringing to a boil. As soon as it starts to cook, turn off the heat, add the dried tuna flakes and let cool. Strain and ready to mix with soy, lemon and ginger and get a homemade Ponzu sauce. We can also use commercial Ponzu sauce. We cut the tuna into two ingots and put them inside the Ponzu sauce, leaving the marine fish in the fridge for an hour. Once marinated, we put an iron on the fire allowing it to heat very well, for at least ten minutes. When the iron is very very hot, we mark each tuna ingot drained, letting the surface brown, but leaving the inside raw. We pass the tuna ingot through the mixture of black and white sesame seeds by squeezing a little so that they remain glued and we cut the ingot into slices of half a cm thick, leaving them cornered on each other. We serve our tuna tataki on a plate, adding a little more ponzu sauce in the bottom and accompany with wakame seaweed salad. It can be served cold or temperate, according to our tastes.

Full Recipe | Tuna tataki marinated in Ponzu sauce

9. Tuna tacos with mint pea cream

  • Ingredients: Fresh tuna (1 steak or tenderloin) of 200 g, Cooked peas, 200 g, Fresh mint leaves, Sesame seeds to taste
  • preparation: We start preparing the cream of mint peas. To do this we scald the peas for 3 minutes in boiling water and transfer them to cold water to maintain their intense color. If you use frozen or canned, you save that step. Then we crush them in the blender with 8 mint leaves. We continue cutting the tuna loin in six rectangular tacos for consumption as a skewer or snack and we make them grilled allowing them to make a minute on each side. Once cooked, add a few crystals of salt to each taco loin. On a plate we put the sesame seeds and as we remove the cooked tuna tacos from the pan, we support them on them so that they are coated with seeds on one of their faces or if you prefer, on both sides. To assemble the dish, we put a pea cream base on the plate - two or three tablespoons will be enough - and on the cream we place the sesame battered tuna tacos leaving a space between one and the other so that the green color is visible.

Full Recipe | Tuna tacos with mint pea cream

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