How to make homemade peach jam, simple and basic recipe to brighten up breakfasts and snacks

We have been enjoying the summer fruit for so many weeks, that we run the risk of wasting the opportunity to prepare delicious jams. Taking advantage of the fact that we have fantastic peaches in the market, juicy, sweet and very aromatic, it is time to turn them into a sweet conserve to enjoy during the next months.

An advantage of making homemade peach jam in full season of this fruit is that we can use a low percentage of sugar. With good raw material it doesn't take much more to get top-notch results, with a very versatile jam and that admits all the variations that occur to us.

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Remember that sugar not only sweetens, it also acts as a preservative and thickener, so if we reduce its content you always have to take maximum care of sterilization and conservation of the jars. Here we have more details of the process; If we are going to consume the boats immediately, we can simply store them in the fridge without emptying.

Peaches do not have a large amount of pectin, so it is useful to resort to special gelling agents, pectin powder or, directly, sugar for jams. Another option is to add a peeled apple or a small amount of agar agar, which helps to gel. But the taste of this jam is so fantastic that the final texture matters less, as long as it is not very liquid.

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For 5 units
  • Peach already peeled and cut 1.5 kg
  • Sugar 500 g
  • Lemon Juice 15 ml
  • Jellifier for jams or pectin (optional)

How to make peach jam

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 1 h 5 m
  • Elaboration 20 m
  • 45 m cooking
  • 10 m rest

With these quantities will leave about 4-6 jars, depending on the size they have. It is convenient start by washing them well and sterilizing them in the oven at 100º C or boiling them in water, including the tapas.

The first step is wash, peel and chop the peachess, removing the bone, trying not to waste anything of its juicy pulp. They must be exemplary without damage, at their point of maturation but without going over, juicy and very aromatic, that are sweet by themselves. Weigh already prepared until approximately one and a half kilograms of fruit are obtained.

Place in a large pot, preferably thick bottom, and add sugar. Stir well and leave about 10 minutes for the sugar to begin to dissolve With fruit juices. Add the lemon juice, stir and put on the fire. Place a small plate in the freezer to check after the thick point.

Bring to a boil, lower the temperature and keep cooking gently. Stir constantly gently, removing the foam that may come out. Continue cooking about 30-45 minutes; It will depend on the point of the peaches and the power of the fire.

When they are very tender and almost undone, crush if desired with an arm mixer -minipimer-, leaving more whole pieces of fruit to taste. Test the point by pouring a teaspoon on the frozen plate; After a few seconds it should be thick. Return to heat if necessary to cook and reduce a few more minutes.

Proceed to package according to the usual method that we follow at home, or as described here. If we want to keep the jars for months in the pantry we will have to re-sterilize them once full by boiling them in water for about 30 minutes, ensuring that it has made an empty effect.

With what to accompany the peach jam

The peach jam It is one of the most classic breakfast and snacks, delicious simply accompanying a good bread, alone or with butter, even makes a great couple with fresh and creamy cheeses. It is also perfect for filling cakes and cookies, glazing fruits in cakes or giving shine to other sweets. And it can also be used in savory dishes, particularly in marinades and meat sauces, replacing apricot without problems.

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