137 recipes for desserts 'no-bake', the best temptations without oven to sweeten the summer without spending (so much) heat

In Direct to the Palate We love to turn on the oven, but we must recognize that sometimes it can be a challenge. When the high temperatures live their peak, the last thing they want is to increase the heat of the kitchen even more, but that is no reason to give up any sweet treat. Now it seems that 'no-bake' desserts are a trend, the ovenless ones of a lifetime, and of these cooler temptations we also have a lot of ideas.

Desserts without an oven are not only appreciated in summer, they can also be a life-saving resource when the aforementioned appliance is damaged, or if we have it occupied with other necessities. They are perfect recipes to leave prepared in advance, ideal for a special occasion, also to offer guests. And the best thing is that there are options for all tastes, from lavish cakes to show off to spoon desserts that will return us to childhood.

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Chocolate cakes without oven

We start big with a good selection of chocolate cake recipes for which we will not need the oven. In summer, chocolate suffers a lot, but with these cold recipes we can enjoy it in all its splendor, and they are perfect for celebrating birthdays or for children's parties. Or, simply, for the enjoyment of the most chocolatiers.

Chocolate and raspberry ganache cake

There are two classic cakes that stand out Above all others in this field, the typical chocolate cake and biscuits of the birthday party, and the well-known three chocolate cake. Both succeed wherever they go, they are very easy and look great on any occasion or at any time of the year.

They are not the only simple ovenless chocolate cakes to make, in fact, we have other recipes that even they are easier and faster. For an emergency, the easy chocolate cake in 30 minutes is an express temptation, while the fast dark chocolate and Oreo biscuit cake is sure to be a hit with children at home. And we have even more cake and cake ideas to quench the cravings for any chocoadict:

Cakes and cakes for all tastes

Is anyone at home less fond of chocolate? No problem, we have good cake and cake alternatives without oven of very varied flavors and textures to adapt to everyone's tastes and needs. And because everyone has a limit of chocolate in life. Although we do a bit of a trap starting with the classic tiramisu, which has cocoa powder, and is the king of uncooked cakes.

Pineapple and coconut mousse cake

Very original and colorful is the Arabic cake, a delicious combination of thin and crispy layers of wafer with soft cream of the filling. We can have everything ready and assemble it to the moment to enjoy it to the fullest. And if we are somewhat newbies or do not want many complications, we can try the simple lemon cake without an oven, whose greatest difficulty is waiting for the hours of rest in the fridge.

Tartlets and other individual desserts

The mini or individual format is also very practical for making desserts without an oven, and is also easier to handle. Tartlets, tartitas or more exotic ideas will delight family or guests, such as refreshing mojito tarts, great for summer or culminate a copious meal.

Cakes of grapes and cream

Cheesecakes without oven

Separate place deserve the Irresistible and creamy cheesecakes in all its versions. Beyond the classic baked goods, there are many oven-free alternatives that we can prepare in different formats. And yes, we also have proposals with chocolate, such as the Nutella cheesecake by Nigella Lawson, ideal for very sweet tooth.

Cream cheese mousse cake with strawberry inside

Something more elaborate is the cream cheese mousse cake with strawberry inside, all Mr. Dessert to show off at home and leave the guests with their mouths open. On the other hand, some glasses like the cream cheese and strawberry cups will make the visa easier, but just as sweet.

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Ice cream desserts and semi-cold

Without entering the great world of ice cream - which are obviously recipes without an oven -, we can mention the so-called semi-cold or frozen desserts, for which there is no need to have a refrigerator or special machine. Enter here the bavarois in ice version, such as the watermelon refresher, or the nougat bavarois, for which it is worth buying a tablet if we do not have forgotten reservations from the last holidays.

Iced coffee cake


The Italian classic pannacotta It has become a multitude of variants for which we hope our Mediterranean friends forgive us. More or less curdled, in glass or unmold, they are a very easy, versatile and suitable dessert for all occasions.

Fresh cheese and honey pannacotta with balsamic berries

In fact, we have a Panna Cotta version of many other desserts, like the panna cotta of three chocolates, with its unmistakable triple layer. To soften its flavor we can resort to incorporating other dairy products, such as in the yogurt pannacotta with stewed strawberries, or in the similar yogurt and currant pannacotta. They are very fresh and always appetizing, especially in versions with fruit, such as panna cotta light with cardamom and peach

  • Basil Pannacotta
  • Creamy coffee and mascarpone pannacotta
  • Fresh cheese and honey pannacotta with balsamic berries
  • Tonka bean chocolate pannacotta with strawberry sauce
  • Pannacotta with strawberry coulis
  • Milk Chocolate Pannacotta
  • Pannacotta with salted butter caramel
  • Raspberry Pannacotta with a touch of chocolate
  • Pink Peppermint Strawberry Pannacotta
  • Nutella Pannacotta
  • Lemon Pannacotta
  • Banana Pannacotta

Mousses (not only chocolate)

Fluffy and light -at least in appearance-, soft and somewhat creamy, A mousse is like a piece of heaven in the mouth. In its sweet versions we have many possibilities to play with the flavors and aromas, although chocolate continues to triumph once again. Achieving a perfect chocolate mousse is not as difficult as it may seem, and once you prepare the first one, there is no turning back.

Mango mousse with blueberries

Some variants that do not give up cocoa They are the spicy chocolate mousse or the more adult alternative of dark chocolate and coffee mousse. We also have the amazing vegan chocolate mousse with two ingredients, prepared with aquafaba or vegetable liquid.

Creams and puddings

We enter a slightly diffuse section because it covers a huge variety of ovenless desserts present in almost every gastronomy in the world. They are defined by their creamy texture, more or less thick, and are designed to be eaten to tablespoons.

Quick chocolate cream with berries

A good example is the classic chocolate pudding, which we have in the Swiss version without eggs, but there are also lesser known variants such as aeblekage or Danish apple pudding. Nor can we forget the fashionable ones chia seed puddings, which sometimes moves away from the purely healthy with more capricious recipes, such as chia pudding with coffee and chocolate.

Combining several layers or play with toppings and coverage opens up a multitude of possibilities. Very easy are the cups of coffee cream with chantilly, or the fresh cream of Greek yogurt with strawberries. The small format It gives a lot of play and they always look good on the table, as those of two chocolates show.

Mandarin cream without gluten

Custard, rice pudding and flan: the classic trio that doesn't fail

That of calling the desserts without an oven no bake It sounds like very modern, but the most classic have been providing us pleasure without baking for a lifetime. Custard and Catalan cream they are a variant of the puddings of other countries, but for their prominence in our gastronomic culture they deserved a separate section. We have the most classic homemade custard and chocolate version, and many others suitable for intolerances and allergies.

Catalan cream

The flan is another nostalgic dessert It supports many variants. Surely the recipe for egg custard in casserole awakens many memories, as well as the classic Chinese flan, a bane for the sweet tooth. Nor is the flan of condensed milk left behind, although there are those who prefer to sweeten the table top with a traditional -or not-so-rice with milk.

Desserts with lots of fruit

We finish with a special selection of desserts with extra fruit, since it is the most natural, fresh and healthy sweet that we can choose at any time of the year. A simple homemade salad is already the most refreshing, but we can turn the fruit into the protagonist of more elaborate recipes, always without an oven.

Simple mango and raspberry strudel

The little glasses they play a lot again; just mix layers of seasonal fruit prepared with cream, Greek yogurt, crushed cookies or some chocolate, and we will have a delicious dessert to devour tablespoons. This recipe for banoffee in glass is a good example, just like the banana and dulce de leche cups, ready in just 15 minutes.