Dark chocolate pudding with avocado and tahini: creamy vegan recipe

With a creamy texture we could almost say that this recipe dark chocolate pudding with avocado and tahini It is a vegan version of chocolate custard, yes, much less cloying than usual. And they are prepared in a few minutes without the need for cooking of any kind, so it is almost an instant dessert.

The amount of sugar, syrup - that of dates is a good option - or sweetener can be completely adjusted to taste according to our tolerance. In this case we were looking for a dessert that stood out the deep taste of the purest cocoa, so we just add a touch of honey. Tahina or tahini helps to give creaminess to a pudding with a totally addictive texture.

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For 4 people
  • Avocado (heavy and peeled, boneless, ripe) 180 g
  • Tahini 40 g
  • Cocoa powder 30 g
  • Dark Chocolate 50 g
  • 100 g natural soy yogurt
  • Essence of vanilla 5 ml
  • 1 g salt
  • Lime or orange zest
  • Agave syrup or date to taste (optional)

How to make black chocolate and vegan avocado pudding

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 15 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • 5 m cooking

Start by melting the chocolate in the microwave - very carefully, at short intervals and low power - or in a water bath, and let it temper a little. It is advisable to have mild yogurt and avocado so that there is no thermal shock.

Remove the pulp from the avocado to weigh about 180-200 g, making sure it is very soft but not past. Place in a kitchen robot, chopper, blender or food processor, along with tahina and cocoa. Crush to form a paste.

Add melted chocolate, yogurt, vanilla, salt and lime zest. Shred, stir and shred again. Add agave syrup, dates, honey, sugar or sweetener to taste, and crush again until it has a homogeneous texture, without lumps.

Distribute in rations or take to a tightly sealed container and cool in the fridge Until serving time. It can also be frozen in molds to make poles.

With what to accompany chocolate and avocado pudding

For this chocolate and avocado pudding with tahina It is a round dessert we can crown it with a multitude of ingredients, better if we play with the textures. Chopped dried fruits such as pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts are always a great option, also pieces of dark chocolate, grated coconut or even roasted sesame. Fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream, Greek yogurt or whipped cream are equally good dressings.

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