Nine foods to get omega 3 in vegan diets

Omega 3 is a type of unsaturated fatty acid. Specifically it is polyunsaturated fats that our body needs and cannot synthesize on its own, so incorporating it into the diet is essential. Fish is one of the main sources but for those who do not consume it, we show you nine foods to get omega 3 in vegan diets.

The omega 3 that we find in plant foods is predominantly the alpha linolenic acid or ALA and from this our body can synthesize small proportions of eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA) that predominate in fish for example.

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In all cases omega 3 is beneficial for the body, having a anti-inflammatory and autoimmune effect which can control and contribute to the prevention of different diseases according to studies in this regard.

Therefore, in vegan diets in which we have little omega 3 of animal origin, we recommend including these nine foods:

Chia Seeds

Although they are not miraculous, the chia seeds they can offer many benefits and among them, provide Omega 3 to our diet in addition to fiber and vegetable proteins.

We can include chia seeds in a smoothie bowl or pudding for breakfast, in a jam or in a spicy pasta sauce.

Flax or Flaxseed Seeds

Flax seeds are next to the previous ones one of the most omega 3 offer, resulting in a good source of potassium, calcium, fiber and proteins of plant origin.

Therefore, to cover the recommended omega 3 quota of 250 mg daily or approximately 1% of the total calories of the day, we can consume flax seeds through preparations such as crispy crackers that also incorporate chia, in a bread or energy balls ideal as a snack or for dessert.

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Walnuts and walnut oil

Within the different nuts that we have at our disposal, the walnuts They are one of the most concentrated options in omega 3 being also a good source of antioxidants for the body.

We can include them in a snack, a sauce, a salad or some delicious muffins.

Of course the walnut oil You can also offer us omega 3 if we use it in our dishes.

Canola or rapeseed oil

It is a good option to add omega 3 to our vegan diet, as the rapeseed or canola oil As it is called today it is very rich in polyunsaturated fats.

We can use it in replacement of another oil to season or simply to cook, because it has a neutral flavor that affects its versatility.

Hemp seeds and derivatives

Hemp seeds are another good option to add alpha linolenic acid to the diet and thus obtain omega 3 of vegetable origin. And of course, its derivatives such as hemp oil or hemp flour They are also options that we can turn to.

We can use the Hemp seeds such as other seeds, to give a salad or a cake or pie dough crunch. And the oil can be used perfectly to dress preparations.

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Soy oil

Soy is an oily legume that can add omega 3 to our vegan diet, but above all the soy oil It will be a great ally to obtain considerable amounts of this type of fat.

We can use the same to season various dishes and also we can go to soybeans itself to use in replacement of another legume or, use derivatives thereof as tofu, textured soy or soy flour to add omega 3 to the diet.


It is a pseudocereal with valuable properties that although above all provides hydrates and proteins, but offers a minimum of fats among which is the omega 3 of vegetable origin.

With quinoa we can prepare from salads and fake risottos to hamburgers and a very nutritious breakfast.


This popular cereal also contains a fat contribution among which polyunsaturated fatty acids predominate, making it a good option for vegans.

We can add oats a porridge for breakfast, a super healthy sponge cake, a vegan burger, a smoothie bowl and many other recipes.

Extra virgin olive oil

Although monounsaturated fatty acids predominate inside, given its popularity we consider the extra virgin olive oil It is a good option to get omega 3 in vegan diets.

We can use it to flavor different dishes through various dressings or to prepare stews, baked goods and the traditional gazpachos or salmorejos so typical of summer.

With these nine foods we can get omega 3 in vegan diets without major inconvenience.

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