Selection of tapas with low calories and good nutrients to enjoy without fault this summer

We all usually go for tapas and enjoy them during the summer snack. However, among a great variety we find options full of calories and unhealthy nutrients that we prefer to avoid when taking care of the line. Therefore, today we bring a tapas selection with low calories and good nutrients to enjoy without fault this summer.

If we seek to lose weight or not gain weight during the summer holidays, nothing better than taking care of the amount we eat or in other words, calories that we enter the body, as well as the quality of what we eat, as certain nutrients can favor weight gain or generate the opposite effect.

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Therefore, we have analyzed different tapas and selected those options with few calories and good nutrients for enjoy without guilt and taking care of the diet during the summer:

Olives and other pickles

The olives rich in unsaturated fats beneficial to health and other pickles such as pickles or scallions They are among the best snacks we can taste without guilt.

They are light, satiate with their accentuated flavor and provide nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and water soluble vitamins like those of group B. Of course, we should not abuse them for their sodium richness but to enjoy tapas without fault, these are excellent options that we recommend choosing.

Classic gildas

Based on anchovies, olives and chilli this recipe is very simple and at the same time light and satiating.

In addition, it offers healthy fats that contribute to losing weight and protein that satiate, so it is also a recommended cover if we seek to take care of the line during the summer.

Fish banderilla

It's a classic with too few calories, based on pickles and fish, so it is a source of good nutrients and easily satisfies by offering fiber and protein at the same time.

It is also an option that demands chewing and therefore can calm our appetite added to its nutrients and accentuated flavor.

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Glass of gazpacho

It is one of the tapas with greater aqueous content and therefore, of low energy density and with a high moisturizing power that is appreciated at this time of year.

As if that were not enough, we provides many antioxidants tomato derivatives, good fats, potassium and vitamins of group B, in its traditional format.

Seafood Spatter

To get proteins that satiate easily with low fat and high fiber, this cover is a good alternative.

It offers lean proteins, calcium and requires chewing by also providing several vitamins and minerals to the body, so it is a good option low calorie.

We can, for example, taste a very nutritious octopus, monkfish and prawn spatter, or other seafood.


Whether seafood, garlic, spicy sauce or other versions, clams are always good options to obtain quality nutrients among which stand out protein, iron and vitamin B12.

They are also reduced fat and therefore, they provide few calories even if they are served with extra virgin olive oil, a source of beneficial fats for the body.


Like clams, mussels They can star in different healthy and light tapas for the appetizer.

A classic are pissed mussels of intense flavor and very satiating. Although we can also opt for mussels with seafood or Provencal, which are good sources of iron and protein Low calorie

Shrimp Scampi

Source of proteins and good fats typical of extra virgin olive oil that predominates in the recipe, garlic prawns are an option satiating We found between the tapas.

Although they provide a moderate amount of calories, they are a simple alternative, without too many ingredients and we recommend choosing among other tapas.

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Grilled cuttlefish or squid

Undoubtedly one of the most lean and beneficial alternatives, because they do not have excess sodium, they are light and satiate due to the predominance of quality proteins in them.

In addition, they can offer calcium to the body and potassium, thus being a good option for tapas and easy to perform at home.

Skewers and skewers with vegetables

The vegetables and vegetables in general they increase the volume of the portions without contributing many calories but adding good nutrients to the dishes. Therefore, the covers that include them are always recommended.

The skewers and skewers with vegetables inside are good options to choose from. For example: artichoke skewer, pepper and smoked cod, monkfish skewer, peppers and tomatoes, octopus skewer with pumpkin, chard skewers, ham and cheese or shrimp skewers, papaya and cucumber among others.

Nuts or roasted seeds

A lot of fiber, vegetable proteins and good fats are found in tapas based on nuts or roasted and spicy seeds. They satisfy easily and although they are not of the alternatives with less calories, their nutritional quality is remarkable for that reason we recommend their inclusion during the appetizer.

Good alternatives are curried roasted nuts, seeds or pumpkin seeds, among others.

These is ours tapas selection with low calories and good nutrients We recommend choosing for the snack during the summer and savoring without guilt.