Galician cuisine Recipe book

My obsession with cookbooks doesn't even go on vacation, so it's not uncommon for me to find myself assault Some bookstore or market to browse what they have. Galician cuisine It is one of my latest acquisitions, which in this case, I brought from my town.

It is not that it is a novel book, since it was published in 2010, but I was curious about this collection of recipes whose authors are heirs of the great Álvaro Cunqueiro. Knowing this, to those of us who are in the kitchen, we don't need much more to decide on the specimen.

The format is square, hardcover and manageable size to have in the kitchen. If we open it we realize that it is a good book, full of content with few pictures, that is, its pages are almost entirely dedicated to what we like most, the recipes.

After the prologue of José Antonio Fidalgo Sánchez and the original introduction by Álvaro Cunqueiro himself in other versions, and that Everest considered to reproduce, we find a volume full of good formulas for cooking daily.

In the book we find Sauces and Complements, First Dishes, Second Dishes and Desserts and Beverages. The funny thing is that although these are the main topics the recipes are in alphabetical order within the book, so we can find a dessert next to a sauce.

If we want a classification by topic for find a recipe of a kind We have to resort to the index that comes at the end of the copy to find what we want. This point caught my attention since it is just the opposite of the general tonic of many other books.

Many of the recipes, as the title itself indicates, are traditional Galician cuisine such as empanadas, pancakes, seafood recipes... but others of Spanish cuisine in general are also observed for what makes this, a very complete book to cook every day.

Galician cuisine

Author | Álvaro Cunqueiro and Araceli Filgueira Iglesias Editorial | Everest ISBN | 978-84-441-2100-0 Price | 18.95 euros

So to sum up, if you like recipe books full of photographs, Galician cuisine It is not the most suitable for you, but if you put the good content first, as I recommend you do, then this copy should not be missing in your library.