Supplement proteins, the key to obtaining protein from plant foods

Whether you're a vegetarian or if for some other reason you don't eat meat and rarely eat eggs or dairy, you can get protein from plant foods of similar quality to those derived from products of animal origin, the key is in supplement proteins.

Combine incomplete proteins

Proteins of animal origin are of high biological value or of high nutritional quality, because in their structure they include all the essential amino acids, that is, that the body cannot synthesize. Therefore, there is talk of incomplete proteins when they derive from plant-based foods.

However, not all plant proteins are the same, but some are incomplete because a certain essential amino acid is absent, while in others this animal is present and another is missing.

Thus, the amino acid that is missing in a protein or that is present in small quantities, is called limiting amino acid.

Knowing which or what are the limiting amino acids of certain foods and looking for sources that do contain it or the same, we can ccombine incomplete proteins to obtain a complete protein, such as that possessed by meat, egg white or dairy.

Here we show you the essential amino acids that are missing in certain foods and in what other foods we can find them to complement proteins:

Knowing where the limiting amino acids of some plant foods can be found, I can supplement proteins and obtain a complete protein food without missing the quality of animal foods.

How to supplement proteins

Complementing is just combine food to get a complete protein between them. Thus, taking into account the limiting amino acids of different food groups, as shown above, we can see that just the missing amino acids in legumes are present in cereals, and that other foods such as nuts and vegetables can also help us to obtain low level amino acids in cereals, for example.

Thus, different strategies for supplement proteins They are:

  • Combine lentils or other legume with rice, how can this rice dish with white beans, or this rice with chickpeas
  • To combine legumes with flour or derivatives being able to mix green lentils with bulgur in a stew, make a Murcian stew of wheat and chickpeas, or a bean burger with bread
  • To combine cereals with vegetables and nuts since the amino acids of the cereals will be present in the rest of the ingredients. For example: Moroccan style rice or Sicilian macaroni with red pesto
  • To combine legumes with nuts and vegetables as in this dish of green beans, sobrasada and almonds or this sautéed of chickpeas, spinach, raisins and pine nuts.

There are many options to obtain proteins from plant foods of the same quality that animal foods offer us, it is only necessary to know the nutrients of each ingredient and supplement proteins.

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