My little things, cook with Ivana. Recipe book

My relationship with cookbooks becomes almost almost sickly, thankfully it is a good "disease" and does not hurt anyone but my pocket and the little space I have at home already for this need. My last culinary acquisition is the book My little things, cook with Ivana from a friend and fellow blogger.

Normally, I am very interested in the books made by fellow authors of cooking blogs, since to date the publications coincide with people I follow and with whom, to a greater or lesser extent, I have a relationship. In this case, Ivana has an admiration for her work, and I am lucky to follow her for a long time, almost from the beginning of my personal blog, and above I share with her project in 1080 Kitchen PhotosSo the joy and interest is double.

As soon as I saw that my partner published a recipe book in the light I was excited as if it were mine, and although I had to wait to have some extra money to acquire it, I wanted it from the first day I saw the cover. The book whose name is the same as the author's cooking blog, presents a very fresh and modern cover for my taste that invites you to discover its interior.

Their recipes are fresh, simple and original and this issue is a living reflection of the work that also shows in his blog. The hardcover copy and almost square format, has just over 100 pages among which 65 exquisite formulas of all kinds, sweet and savory, are distributed.

In the book we have different ways to find the recipe that interests us at that time. An index by categories, alphabetical and the main, by separate recipes in different forms such as "something to snack", "in summer", "Mexico rich", "goes desserts" ... that give us an exact idea of ​​what we will find in each of them.

The beautiful photographs with a very evocative vintage air illustrating the book, they enliven recipes as good as some ham and cheese cookies, a zucchini pizza, a meat roll with mustard, a chicken and foie lasagna with a sauce of colmenillas, a chocolate madeleines or carrot biscuits. I want to try them all.

My little things, cook with Ivana

Author | Ivana Rosario Editorial | My Little Books ISBN | 978-84-940-6600-9 Price | € 24.95

I am delighted with Ivana's book of My little things and wishing to get to work with many of the preparations are included. Of course once you go to look at his copy you can not leave it for a while. I totally recommend it if you like books with good formulas and something else.

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