Quince timbale and Torta del Casar. Recipe

I love creamy cheeses and especially those made in Extremadura. However, its powerful taste and smell are sometimes hard to take without further ado. Why this Quince timbale and Torta del Casar It has been an excellent combination that I recommend you try.

The sweetness and rough and astringent texture of the quince in combination with the potency of the cheese's flavor, its slight bitter touch and its creamy textureThey blend perfectly, being very pleasant in the mouth. To complete it, I put some granites of almond crocanti that give it the crunch.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • Cheese Torta del Casar, quince jam, crocanti granitas, slices of bread or scolding

How to make a quince timbale and Torta del Casar

To be able to form the timbale we need the cheese is quite cold, so that your pasta hardens a little, so it is convenient to leave the Torta del Casar a few hours in the fridge just before preparing the timbale. Once prepared, it will be delicious to take it warm at room temperature to recover its unctuousness.

Aided by a hoop to place, we will be placing Quince and Torta del Casar discs alternately, for which we can do two things. One, cut thin discs or two, place portions of cheese or quince with a teaspoon and squeeze them a little to make the successive layers.

The important thing is to tighten the external areas, the ones closest to the hoop, especially so that when we remove it, the ingredients do not mix too much and maintain their appearance. In the last layer, after placing the quince disk we put some almond crocanti grains.

Processing time | 10 minutes Difficulty | Easy


This appetizer is delicious to spread on crispy toasts. I have opted for some scolding, some typical rolls of Córdoba that are excellent to place in them small portions of the Quince timbale and Torta del Casar and enjoy this little skewer.

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