What is your favorite Christmas sweet? the question of the week

For the sweet tooth like me, the arrival of the holiday season is a temptation which is difficult to resist, because if any culinary feature has Christmas is precisely the large amount of sweets typical of these dates.

Together with our traditional nougat, peladillas, polvorones or marzipan, we find more distant proposals such as panettones, puddings or pandoros. A varied offer to test even the most demanding palates and, most of the time, forces us to decide for one or the other. That's why I ask you,

What is your favorite Christmas sweet?

Christmas meals are usually more than abundant, so many times we find it impossible to enjoy all the sweets we want, forcing us to choose between them.There are some that you especially like? Do you try to never miss Christmas? Maybe that sweet Christmas reminds you of your childhood, or maybe you discovered it on a trip abroad. I invite you to leave your answers Direct to the Palate Answers, next week I will bring you the most valued response.

Last week's question: Would you change the supermarket if you discovered that you don't donate food?

Your answers to last week's question have been very interesting to me. You have defended positions both for and against From the question I asked you, some of you prioritize the proximity of a supermarket with your home or the prices of its products, but in general you all agree on the need to meet social needs. Among all, the most valued question has been that of Franchessca, which told us:

In the first place it is important for me that the supermarket is close to home or that they send the purchase at home, I usually move a lot on foot and sometimes the distances have to be taken into account. This type of thing (the donation of food for example) inclines me to take advantage almost always for a type of establishments (although it is not always easy to have reliable information). The commitment to social problems, of organizations and establishments that with their contribution contribute a lot to alleviate such serious issues as need and hunger (the word is very hard, but it is already going hungry in this country) is worthy of To mention, they perform commendable work in my opinion. I can't help feeling inclined towards them. Of course, seeing that their prices adjust to normality and to my economy.

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