The pop kitchen of El Comidista. Book

On November 22, the second cookbook by Mikel López Iturriaga will go on sale, with the name of The Comidista's pop kitchen. This new publication includes a very interesting mix of gastronomy and recipes with the usual style and sense of humor of the author, who has filled the book with references to pop culture and many facets of our lives.

Sometimes we watch TV while we peck, or we listen to one of our favorite songs while we are cooking. A good number of recipes along with the interaction between gastronomy, cinema, music, television series and a few novel sections, form the fun tailor's drawer that this book implies.

Talk about the author, Mikel López Iturriaga, is to talk about one of the most media and admired gastrobloggers on the scene, which they follow hordes in pain of kitchens, gourmets and the odd troll. His writing expertise and simple recipes have encouraged many of his readers in El País to cook, or at least have a fun time with their occurrences.

After a section of recipes, which includes appetizers, first, second, desserts and drinks, continue with ten recipes of their "Guest artists" as Elvira Lindo, Miqui Puig, Ana Blanco or from his brother Juanma López Iturriaga that surprises with a marmitako.

After this section of recipes, he proposes his menus to watch TV series, which are followed by other sections such as the jumble of junk, a selection of the best of their gastronomic office Alo Comidista and the fun section dedicated to dishes that were stars in their time and have gone out of fashion, the Viejuna kitchen.

Unlike Las Comidista Recipes, his first gastronomic publication, this book does include photographs of the dishes, which his readers had demanded. The task has been done Ainhoa ​​Gomà With great mastery.

Also in the book continue to highlight the funny cartoons and illustrations by Daniel Jiménez. Finally, the book is complemented by an indication of what the foods of each season are, which is always useful, and the traditional indexes.

One of the parts of the book that I liked the most, is that of the Comidista's Antiquities, in which Mikel explains how to fail in our gastronomic purposes. How to spend a horrible Christmas Eve, how to destroy meats or how to ruin a vegetable They are some of the titles of these Antiguaias.

In summary, The Comidista's pop kitchen It is a book that is not limited to giving recipes but that addresses a lot of aspects of the so-called pop culture and that will be very appealing and fun for all kitchens. I'm sure it will succeed in bookstores as a Christmas gift, don't you think?

The comidista's pop kitchen

Mikel Lopez Iturriaga Editorial Plaza-Janés Editores SL ISBN 978-84-01-34653-8 € 21.90