French bees produce blue and green honey

One of the main honey producers in the European Union is France. The figure reached by this country, in the production of this ingredient, is around eighteen thousand four hundred tons per year. Almost nothing. In Ribeauville, in the French region of Alsace, there are bees that are heard, rather than by their buzzing, because produce blue and green honey.

According to experts, these unusual colors may be because bees have eaten sugary waste from a candy factory close to the area. It seems that colored honey is not poisonous, but beekeepers consider the dyed honey items to be lost when they consider that they will not be accepted in the market.

Those responsible for such a singular contamination have already put in place solutions so that this situation does not happen again in the future. Among the new measures is the adoption of special procedures for the cleaning of waste containers, as well as their subsequent storage inside the factory, in order to prevent bees from accessing them.

I do not know if I find it more worrying that the appropriate measures are not taken for the disposal of contaminating residues, even if they come from candies, or that a food product can reach the consumer without the necessary quality control mechanisms. Luckily. at least for this time, it has put a brake on the situation and that there has not been someone who considered trivial that bees produce blue and green honey.

Photos | Celestec4 and Emmanuel Boutet
Via | Le monde
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