Angry Birds, a drink that will give a lot of play

I like it when fictional characters cross the screen and come true. That is why I was delighted to know that this time it is the characters of a fun and addictive mobile game, the ones that come true as a drink. As you may have already deduced, I am talking about Angry Birds, a drink that will give a lot of play.

So, just as a few days ago I was talking about the recipes of the Game of Thrones series, today it is the turn of these nice characters always angry, with whom so many dead times we have shared playing with the phone.

A beverage brand launches them at the price of 2 euros the can, and with two flavors to choose from: one called Tropic with passion fruit flavor and another called Paradise, with pineapple and tangerine flavor. They say, because I have not tried them yet, they are the ideal soft drinks to combine with the trendy drink, vodka.

Actually they are Fruit juice flavored soft drinks with a light touch of gas and consequently, they say they are good both for drinking only as a soda, and for making cocktails, especially with white liquors such as gin or vodka. The little ones in the house will love it, I'm sure.

At the moment, they can be purchased in Madrid, in the San Miguel Market, although they intend to extend and sell them throughout Spain. Anyway, for those who are interested in buying Angry Birds sodas and you are not in Madrid, you can also order through their website. As soon as my son finds out, I'm lost, because he sure wants to try them. And to you,do not crave?

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