Los Canteros Restaurant, Castilian cuisine in Mingorría, Ávila

This weekend we have made the family beautiful and we have gone to Avila to take some good walks around the city and, of course, try one of the nearby restaurants. Before leaving I consulted several pages on the web to get an idea of ​​the gastronomic offer of the city, and decided that we would eat at the Los Canteros Restaurant, in Mingorría, very close to the city of Ávila.

So when we started with the walk and from each place they assaulted us with constants eating suggestions (an increasingly widespread practice that leaves little room for reflection), we already had the reservation made. Mingorría is a small town that is a few kilometers from the city, just fifteen minutes by car separate it.

He Los Canteros restaurant It is located at the entrance to the town, in a mansion that houses a diaphanous dining room and very well set. A wood oven presides over the premises, from which that characteristic roast smell comes out. We reviewed the letter, in which you can find meats, vegetable stews and rice cookers, and we chose to share three starters and attack a main dish each.

While they ordered our command, some arrived at the table snack kidneys, accompanied by some toasts of village bread, which quite liked, even me, that I am not very friendly with the farmhouse. We started the meal with some Roman squid more than correct, with a slight batter that became crispy in some pieces.

It was followed by a dish that entered very well by sight, the Orza table with stir-fried potato. Around a serving of scrambled potatoes, pieces of loin, chorizo ​​and torreznos were grouped together. The chorizo ​​was something hard (I had to break it) but very tasty. The quite acceptable torreznos, and the tenderloin, a delight. The potatoes did not last long on the plate, it is a preparation that some of the diners did not know and surprised them for good.

The third entree was nothing from the other world, a assorted table of ham, boletus and goat cheese croquettes That passed without sorrow or glory on our table.

The seconds were a delight, of the six guests, two chose wood-fired tostón, of which I tried a piece of meat and a sheet of crust. As the owners of the rations had told me, it was very good, a soft meat and a crispy skin, coming from a piglet about eighteen days old.

While my table neighbor was attacking a Golden baked (which I did not try), the rest we throw ourselves in an iron before a casserole wood-baked lamb. The pieces that touched me were exquisite, with a tasty and juicy meat, although it is true that, as is usually the case with whole pieces, some were left with less lumpy pieces that did not yield such a good result.

The desserts suffered from an excess of ornamentation that caused them to detract. The broken chocolate quarry, a coulant or death by chocolate, was very dazzled to come floating in a sea of ​​custard. Those of us who have ever tasted this dessert know that the good thing is to break it and let the still hot liquid chocolate flow from its bowels. In this case it was mixed with the abundant custard, nullifying all the charm of this preparation.

The Los Canteros cake, made with thin slices of brie paste, and filled with custard with berries, lost all its charm when framed by a mint coulís, which dominated in flavor leaving knocked out any chance to taste the cream. The coffee arrived next to the desserts, an incomprehensible practice from the point of view of the client who wants a leisurely meal.

With two bottles of Montecillo Crianza, water and some soft drinks, the final bill was 33 euros per person.

Los Canteros Restaurant

Roasted in the wood oven
Station Road No. 8
Mingorría, Ávila
920 20 03 17
Average price: 35 euros