Whopper 7 for windows 7

Yesterday I went to get my Windows 7 and the clerk told me that if I was going to take a chance. Well, at the moment it works fine and only one image editing program has stopped working for me. Although leaving aside this anecdote nothing gastronomic I must say that I was surprised by the promotion they have made in Japan for the launch of windows 7.

It's about the Windows 7 Whopper. At first glance it must be that in Japan they are not worried about the negative publicity that this can generate. Still it is a somewhat curious promotion.

The same thing you are about to leave for Japan and you love this meal, in that case you have until October 28 to "enjoy" (yes you can say so) of this hamburger 7 floors at a price of 777 yen. By the way, searching our archive I have noticed that Burguer King is very given to this type of "eat a lot" promotions.

Video: Burger King Whopper Windows 7 (December 2019).