Herb guisao with black pudding from Burgos. Recipe

It is important eat legumes all year although, in summer they want less. However, I always or almost always feel like a good stew or stew. And there is nothing as homely, cozy and comforting as a pot dish. And if you don't think, when you're away from home for days, eating around, camping, sightseeing, don't you miss a homemade dish? I confess that on more than one occasion, especially camping, I have wanted a garlic soup more than all the seafood in the world.

For pot wish days I bring you this recipe of Stew of herbs with black pudding from Burgos, A recipe from my Mother, who has comforted my stomach and tempered my body on many occasions and even, on hot days like today, accompanied by a cold wine, it is a delicacy. Of course black pudding is optional.

The ingredients

300 gr. of white beans, 2 dried peppers, 2 dried tomatoes, 1 head of new garlic, 1 bunch of chard, a handful of almonds, 1 piece of bread yesterday, 1 black pudding of Burgos, 1 dash of vinegar, EVOO and salt.

The preparation

We put in a pot with cold water the beans, the whole garlic head, the peppers and tomatoes, and a squirt of EVOO over low heat, covered, 1 hour. While we wash and chop the chard and fry the almonds and bread in a little EVOO, we will take a glass of the blender and beat with a dash of vinegar, a little water and salt.

After the hour, we take the peppers, tomatoes and garlic and beat, strain and add to the pot. When we calculate that there is little left for beans to reach their optimum cooking point, we add the chard to the pot and, 5 minutes later, the almond mash. % minutes, rectify the salt point and remove from heat. Once the guisao is placed, we add a slice of morcill as is. It will be enough with the heat of the dish to temper it, in this way it will be more digestive and will help to cool the rest.

Processing time | 15 minutes Cooking time | from 2 to 3 hours Difficulty | Half


Obviously this Recipe of Stew of herbs with black pudding from Burgos, eat with a spoon. It is convenient to eat in a place that is not very hot. Not in the sun, for example. We can take advantage of the days of summer storms, or those days that are cloudy. For vegetarians with not including blood sausage it will be sufficient and, in general, for all those who intend to make a lighter and less caloric meal. Another thing, as much as you like it, I recommend eat a small portion, I have repeated and right now I cannot move.

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