Predif, restaurant guide accessible to all

Who has thought at some time to attend a restaurant with a person who travels in Wheelchair You will have encountered many questions to answer. Will we have to climb stairs? Will the bathroom be adapted? Will we have enough space to pass between the tables? Among other uncertainties.

Sometimes you call the restaurant in question and they tell you that everything is fine, but when you get there with the reservation made you check that something is missing and that the evening will not be pleasant for everyone. Sometimes there is no choice but to turn around and improvise, but in certain circumstances that is practically impossible.

That is why initiatives such as the one presented at La Casa Encendida in Madrid are welcome: Guide "Restaurants accessible to all", event organized by the State Representative Platform of Great Physical Disabled, Predif.

It details the accessible establishments as well as the characteristics of each one in order to be used by people with physical, sensory, hearing disabilities and other special needs.

To prepare this list, they have done what people who see themselves in these circumstances cannot do: review the restaurants one by one, up to a total of 300, to evaluate the features of each place and its accessibility. In the end there have been 150 establishments included.

One more step for the integration of people with disabilities, which we all appreciate.

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