Pork ribs in barbecue sauce with sour cream potato. Recipe

This recipe is one of My favourites since it reminds me many of my trips for America, who did not eat one day a good pork rib to the barbecue Unlike other recipes I fuse the sauce barbecue with a little coke and jack daniel, since the acidity of the same helps to make the meat is tastier and more crispy because of the sugar contained in that coke, apart from giving it a very peculiar flavor. For this recipe we will need the following ingredients: 400grs of pork ribs, 50cc of rice vinegar, 5grs of star anise, 25grs of brown sugar, 200cc of oranges juice, 100cc of lemon juice, 200cc of coca cola, 25cc of jack Daniel, 10grs of fresh garlic, 20grs of finely chopped onion, 200 barbecue sauce

For cooking the ribs First we must make a preparation with a little broth, orange juice, lemon juice, coke and rice vinegar. Once prepared this marinade we add garlic, onion and leek, by way of heather Made of veggies.

We put this preparation in a deep bowl and let the ribs macerate in the fridge for 8-10hrs; After this time we withdraw the container from the fridge and we cook it in a strong oven about 45 minutes at 200 ° C, after this time we remove the rib from the container and let it cool in the fridge, it is very important that also let's reserve cooking liquid for later add it to the sauce and barbecue.

For the garnish of the roasted potato we will need the following ingredients: 200grs of potatoes, 25grs of cream cheese, we will take a whole potato and clean it, then we will wrap it in aluminum foil by putting it in the oven about 200ยบ for 20-25 minutes. We can accompany this potato with a sour cream prepared based on some creamy cheese to which we will add a little juice of lemon, salt and pepper.

To finish the dish we will make a preparation with the juice left over from the cooking of the rib and mix it with the barbecue sauce, when heating the rib in the oven 180Cº during 10 minutes, we will smear it of such preparation as many times as necessary with the objective that it remains as juicy as possible, once finished we will put it in the center of the tray and we will accompany it on the one hand with roasted potato and sour cream, you can also accompany With some fresh salad.

This is a dish very easy to prepare and with some flavors very intense, I invite you to be encouraged and do it at home and enjoy it with your families and friends.

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