Basic sauces with Thermomix. I demiglaced meat sauce

A large number of classic sauces, such as Béarnaise, Dutch, Tartar, Mayonnaise, etc. are detailed in the Thermomix manual. That is why I am not going to stop much in this chapter, although I think you could add other sauces that are widely used in the kitchen such as I demiglaced sauce (semi-glazed). It is a sauce widely used for napar (cover with sauce) grilled or roasted meats.

Although in professional cuisine the elaboration of this sauce is more complicated, we can simplify it a lot if we use a meat broth made with Thermomix, which we have already explained in the corresponding chapter. Ideally, let the broth be concentrated, once prepared and strained, letting it boil with the mouthpiece removed to evaporate and concentrate the flavors.

Ingredients: 500 cc meat broth concentrate, 30 gr. flour, 40 gr. butter, salt, ground black pepper, half a beaker madeira (or a dry or fragrant sherry).

preparation: Once the meat stock is obtained according to the recipe, we strain it, put it back in the clean glass and leave reduce cooking at temperature Varoma, speed 3, about 15 minutes at least, with the mouthpiece cover removed, to reduce. The more concentrated, the tastier the sauce will be. It should reduce by half, for half a liter we can put a liter of broth at the beginning.


If we do not have time we can use a broth of packaged meat, although the result will not be the same. Add the glass to flour and butter. Mix a few seconds at speed 4, covered. Program 15 minutes at 100º, speed 3. Add at the last moment the came and remove a few seconds at speed 3. It gets ready to Salt and pepper. Let stand a few minutes and serve hot on the meat.

The thickness of the sauce is controlled by increasing or reducing the amount of flour. As you can see it is a bit laborious, but it is worth it and it is much healthier and more natural than prepared sauces.

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