Oriol Balaguer sweetens the Miró Foundation

The prestigious and award-winning Catalan pastry chef Oriol Balaguer collaborates with the Miró Foundation, the visitors who attend the different events, inaugurations or presentations will have the opportunity to combine the art that encloses the foundation with the rich pastry and chocolate creations of this famous pastry chef.

We will also have the possibility of acquiring any of the rich works that the baker will exhibit, it will be a cheaper and more tasty option without a doubt. To get an idea of ​​the work that Oriol does, nothing better than entering its website, which by the way, won the award for the Best Gastronomic Website in Spain 2005.

Navigating through its space we will be able to know the richest novelties of pastry, chocolate or unique and exclusive creations, an example of these works are the photos shown here.