The culinary revolution is yet to come

Interesting statements by Ferran Adriá and Heston Blumenthal in the event The Best of Gastronomy, both culinary masters agree in fact, the culinary revolution is yet to come.

Within the framework of the event a debate took place in which great chefs and gastronomic critics participated, according to the statements of Ferrán Adrià, so that there is a culinary revolution, before the existing one must be disregarded and as he does not despise but admires, just It has helped to improve what there was, being the current gastronomy an evolution of the traditional gastronomy. The gastronomic machinery is underway, customers and chefs with great curiosity and eagerness to improve seek novelties, but are cataloged as evolution. A clear example of what was a gastronomic revolution is provided by Michel Guerard, master of “nouvelle cuisine”, the great chef reminds us how in the 18th century new ingredients such as potatoes or tomatoes were introduced into the kitchens, giving rise to to a new set of dishes, sauces, backgrounds and techniques completely different from those previously elaborated.

We would have loved to attend the debate, undoubtedly, everything that represents gastronomy is learned and understood much better.

Video: Week of Reflection - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 9319 (December 2019).