Super pigs and super chickens to alleviate hunger

According to Chinese experts, they already have enough material and studies to clone animals like super pigs and super chickens in order to double the production of these animals and thus be able to feed the large population present in the Asian continent without problems.

In principle, they say that these new animals will present an edible meat, although we would like to know how the taste will be. Somehow we believe that this should be altered, there are some foods with which tests have been carried out obtaining magnificent specimens of tomatoes, peas, cereals, etc., but as for the taste, many are the opposite opinions.

Anyway, we hope that it is really a success, since the results would not only serve the Asian continent, but the rest of the world. The Chinese project will allow livestock production to double and thus solve their feeding problems, it must be borne in mind that 1.3 billion people have been a real stimulus for China to be one of the leading countries in genetic research.

We will see what results are produced, will we get to taste the meat of these super animals?