Dry the aromatic herbs in the microwave

Many have left aromatic herbs on newspapers and in the sun to dry, it is a traditional system that does not fail, although it may be a slower process than we expect. Having dried aromatic herbs in the pantry is necessary to properly spice up some gastronomic preparations.

If you are one of those who grow their own aromatic herbs at home and want to use a slightly faster drying method, there is a suitable system for this purpose that achieves dry the herbs using the microwave. This is what a friend of ours who gets his dry aromatic herbs through this system has explained to us. You must chop the herbs to dry and arrange them on a plate leaving the center of this free. Place a glass of water in the center of the dish and cook at full power for 6 minutes. We must be careful to open the microwave every minute of cooking and remove the herbs to aerate and separate them.

When we feel the dried herbs to the touch, we just have to place the dish out of the microwave and leave it for a couple of hours uncovered. Then just fill the jar with herbs and ready to use at any time.

Have you tried this system? What result has it given you?