Martini mini (20cl)

Sunday one at noon, your friends and / or partner, olives, cockles, potatoes and a martini, red please.

That is the image I have of a good appetizer, one of those who will continue a copious Sunday meal prepared by the kitchens of the group and end with a homemade dessert and a round of shots. After a long talk and above all some good laughs, which surely will not hurt.

All of this is the result of my imagination that calculates what the perfect noon would be for most people.

And this comes what for? Simply, to highlight the new product of the Italian house Martini, the Martini Mini. Its name speaks clearly and corresponds to 20 cl bottles. the same measures as for example, a Coca Cola.

Therefore, for the insatiable and Martini fans, you already have this little sleepover in the market, which will serve to regulate adequate consumption before the meal. Its price as always, is very affordable and I really recommend it.

Nobody likes to have a 2-liter soda in a bar, so why would the vermouth be different? What are the bars waiting for?

What do you think of the idea (apart from utopian)?

Video: MARTINI BIANCO Miniature Bottle - 16% Vol - 10 cl (December 2019).