Tour of the Gastronomy of the Network: a spring menu full of options

A new Tuesday takes us on a journey through the blogosphere to visit and discover blogs with interesting recipes. This week our Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network has helped us to configure a very spring menu full of options.

On our tour we have chosen light snacks and entrees, main dishes of meat or fish and of course some desserts to finish the menu with a good taste. Sure that If you are looking for ideas to cook, it will serve to inspire you. To the table!

We start with the appetizer, some caramelized almonds that Carlos de Calabajío Market It teaches us to prepare. How many memories are brought to me by those beaten up that my grandfather always bought us when my sisters and I were little ...

To start lightly, we propose the salad with Idiazabal cheese that brings us Neus. We continue with more fresh dishes, such as this amazing strawberry soup with tomatoes and peppers from Andrea de Jasmine and Cinnamon, appetizing and full season.

Other good options are scrambled eggs and shrimp, which will undoubtedly seem very appealing. It is the proposal of the blog Cinnamon flavored. or the Quiche with tomato Noçoise de Flavors of Colors.

We continue with another light proposal, a Moroccan salad of carrots and candied lemon, the recipe of the blog Come with me from Palmira that we really want. If you prefer, we can also suggest this Quiche of leeks and bacon that is undoubtedly another classic for this time of the year so spring that has prepared Silvia of My Sweet Temptation.

As a main course, we propose a recipe for Ettore from the Bavette blog who has prepared a round of Galician veal with chimichurri sauce that is making us salivate. If you prefer chicken, we suggest the one that has prepared Spoon Speed ​​Rose, a chicken with herbs and brown rice that has been irresistible.

If you prefer fish, you will feel the hake in cider sauce and paprika from Ana and Víctor de Walking without gluten. It is also more than appetizing to try this cod to the Neapolitan of Ana of the blog The Cook of Bétulo.

If you want something more useful for main course, a good option may be to make a vegetable pizza with feta cheese like the one we propose Chez Silvia, with which you will surely succeed. I also suggest you try the rice with duck and vegetables Miguel Angel from the Green Peppers blog, which you will surely like as much as me.

For the dessert, We propose a few sweet ideas to enjoy. We start with the recipe of Serradura, from Sofía de Mil ideas, thousand projects. We continue with the donuts or apple donuts that have been prepared in the blog of Cook with Little I'm sure you'll feel like it.

Another recipe that will be very practical for the most pastry chefs is this one of Pastry Cream that you can use in a thousand desserts, cakes, filled cakes, and that Sergio de Señor Lord Recipes It teaches us to prepare. And as a climax, Margot's orange sponge cake, from the blog Things of life, which is an ideal proposal for dessert, breakfast or snack, which leaves us with an excellent taste.

In seven days I will be visiting your blogs again for the next edition of Walk around the cuisine of the network, which will be a pleasure to include the best recipes published in the last week. Get us to cook and publish appetizing ideas to include them in the Walk. Happy week everyone.

Video: Tyler Florence Fresh: "The Anatomy of Flavor, One Simple Idea", Authors at Google (December 2019).