Italian gluten-free night: seven recipes to enjoy its cuisine

Who does not like Italian cuisine? I would be very surprised to find someone to raise their hands when launching this question, since I believe that the cuisine of Italy is one of the richest, varied and appetizing in the whole world. Italy is a large country with many different regions that offer very different specialties, suitable for all tastes and needs, including celiac. We propose you seven recipes to enjoy a gluten-free Italian night.

It is true that when mentioning Italian cuisine we usually think instantly of pasta and pizza, but the Mediterranean country gives us many other delicious dishes that are worth discovering. Nowadays celiacs can prepare any recipe for pasta and pizza with gluten-free flour, but this time we will focus on naturally gluten-free Italian dishes so that everyone at home can easily enjoy its essential gastronomy.

Piedmontese Salad

Now that we are in the final stretch of winter, it is good to recover recipes for fresh dishes such as the tasty Piedmontese salad. It may not be as famous as the caprese, but this other Italian specialty has also become very popular all over the world thanks to the simplicity of its ingredients and balanced contrast of flavors

Formed in its simplest version by potatoes, pickles, tomatoes and cooked ham, you can also incorporate egg. The icing that enhances all the flavors is the dressing based on a simple vinaigrette with mustard and egg yolk, which brings great creaminess. The key to success with this salad is to use the best quality ingredients and let it stand cold.

Sicilian Caponata

Another light and very fresh dish ideal to start dinner is the Sicilian caponata, a characteristic dish of the Mediterranean diet that will delight lovers of ratatouille or scalloped. It consists of one mix of vegetables cooked in pieces small in which the great protagonist is the eggplant. It is also enriched with anchovies and capers, and can also incorporate pine nuts.

An interesting variant is the caponata leccese, in which zucchini and pepper have more presence, and also add chilli pepper and peppermint. Both recipes can be enjoyed cAs a starter, as an appetizer accompanying a good gluten-free bread or even as a side dish of meat and fish. Another advantage: it is preserved very well in the fridge so it is worth cooking a good amount to have leftovers for several days.

Vitello Tonnato

This typical recipe from the Piedmont region has become a classic of Italian cuisine on its own merits. Surprise who approaches the recipe for the first time, since it consists of combine veal with a tuna-based sauce, but the mixture works great and the result is a delight. Of course, it is important to use quality ingredients.

To make vitello tonnato it is best to use a good piece of veal round It can be cooked in salt water with vegetables or roasted. You have to leave it in its point, wait for it to cool and cut it into very thin slices. Once mixed with the tuna sauce it is almost essential to let the dish rest in the fridge before serving, letting it temper only a little.

Chicken alc cacciatora

Tuscan tradition, chicken alla cacciatora or the hunter is a recipe of humble origin closely linked to the popular life of the peasants. It is a very comforting recipe in which local ingredients are combined, from the earth, with the resources that families once had at all times. You can remind us of many stews and roasts of poultry meat also typical of our cuisine, with its regional variants.

This dish can be cooked in the pan on the fire, with a slow and prolonged cooking, or in the oven. Chicken meat is mixed with seasonal or homemade canned tomatoes, in a kind of stew enriched with red wine, olives, anchovies and aromatic herbs. The recipe indicates thickening the sauce with flour, so any gluten-free variety is perfectly valid.

Puttanesca tuna

We recover the tuna to propose a fish recipe to those who have not convinced the mixture with vitello tonnato meat. In this dish we use one of the most popular sauces of Italian cuisine, the sugo alla puttanesca, to raise the flavors of grilled fresh tuna. We can use, of course, another seasonal fish to our liking.

Puttanese is a classic sauce to accompany pasta dishes, but it is so delicious that it is a good idea to use it for other recipes. It is a kind of Very thick tomato sauce enriched with anchovies, chilli pepper, pepper, capers and olives. The spicy point can be adjusted to the taste and tolerance of each one.


You could not miss the other great classic of Italian cuisine in a gluten-free selection, the risotto. As the base is rice, it is a dish in principle totally suitable for coeliacs for whose elaboration we only have to make sure that the rest of the ingredients are totally gluten free. For this, it is best to prepare it at home using a homemade broth and the flavors that we like the most.

There are many different possibilities when preparing a good risotto. If we have mastered the base recipe, the proper cooking of arborio rice or carnaroli, we can induce the variations that we want. If you need ideas, we have many recipes to inspire you, with flavors for all tastes that are worth trying:

Panna Cotta by Nutella and Vanilla

A good Italian dinner can be culminated simply with a glass of authentic gelato, but another of the desserts of Italy that has already conquered half the world is, without a doubt, the panna cotta. The simple recipe of cream cooked with sugar and curd with jelly It is a sweet and light endpoint ideal for any occasion, which we can also dress up.

The original and elegant recipe for Nutella and vanilla panna cotta is a good example, combining two flavors in a very original presentation. Vanilla and chocolate always make a great couple And this dessert is a real treat for the sweet tooth. Its melting texture will conquer all diners and will put the finishing touch to dinner.

With these seven gluten-free Italian recipes I hope I have contributed ideas for those who have a celiac at home, but also for any lover of Italian cuisine. It is proven that you do not always have to bet on pasta or pizza to enjoy a fantastic Italian menu at home.

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