13 delicious salty recipes in glass to serve at the end of the year dinner

Once you have spent Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch, our goal is focused on the end of the year dinner, no less important, and where by the way many of us are running out of culinary ideas to serve on the table that night.

Today we want to inspire you with these 13 salty recipes in glass, perfect to have prepared in advance and also organize ourselves better by not having to be aware of the amounts that each will be served. The proposals in glass, are very comfortable because they avoid having to serve each diner and present them individually, and also, they are very colorful and elegant at the table.

We start with four salty cups whose main ingredient is seafood and fish. A much cheaper option to start dinner, where with small quantities we get a few portions.

  • Glasses of avocado, mango and cheese with prawns in trifle format: A refreshing and light option, which makes a nod to the classic British dessert that consists of layers of cake and fruit. This version is with mango, but it can be exchanged for another fruit such as apple or papaya.
  • Glasses of bicolor cream with prawns: Without a doubt a little glass to leave the diners with their mouths open. And it is that with this rabid combination of colors few can resist the pumpkin and the Lombard Christmas.
  • Glasses of vichyssoise with shrimp cream: A combination of two classics ideal to serve in a festive menu. Both creams can be prepared in advance and simply joined so that they do not mix just at the time of serving in this exquisite cup. A union of surprising flavors that marry perfectly.

  • Glasses of avocado and wild salmon: A cold, fresh and pleasant recipe to open your stomach and so simple to perform that you do not need or cook. Only good ingredients and desire to impress our guests are the requirements to make this fantastic little glass.

Other cups with assorted ingredients based on cheese, cream and vegetables They are perfect as an entree for the beginning of any meal. Here you have many more proposals.

  • Glasses of parmesan panna cotta with tomato jam: In this version of salty panna cotta, the sweet and savory contrast is delicious as an appetizer. You can also simplify the recipe if instead of preparing the jam we bought it.
  • Glasses of foie mi-cuit with mango chutney: The foie is an expensive product, so if we want to serve it to our guests, but do not go over budget nothing better than these exotic cups. Where with a small amount we get a few portions, perfect to enjoy all the flavor of this gourmet product.

  • Glasses of goat cheese, apple and beef jerky: A balanced combination of flavors, the mixture of the apple, where we will opt for an acidic variety, in this small house perfectly with the density of goat cheese, crowned all with the crispy touch of the jerky.

Creams, both hot and cold versions should not be relegated exclusively to be served on a plate. A glass is ideal to put a small amount as an appetizer if our menu is plentiful. Here you have some proposal.

  • Glasses of green asparagus cream and Parmesan cheese: Decorated as if it were a small forest, this glass can be served both cold and temperate, both ways it is delicious and very appealing visually.
  • Glass of vegetable cream, chicken and bacon: This cup that although a priori for its ingredients is not too appetizing to start the dinner at the end of the year, is full of flavor thanks to the sautéed meat that the meat has previously. A simple and uncomplicated recipe, which served individually, becomes a party dish.

  • Glass of cold avocado and zucchini cream: An ideal vegetarian version to give a refreshing point to our Christmas entrees, and in which not to be tied to the amounts of ingredients being able to modulate the flavor by adding more avocado and less zucchini to taste or vice versa.

  • Glass of cucumber cream, Greek yogurt and mint: An original version to remove the cucumber from your classic salad. Ideal as a refreshing and light snack before a copious dinner like the end of the year. The best, choose small specimens of cucumber, which do not bitter and still have thin skin, only then we will get an unmatched texture for this Greek-style cream.
  • Glass of saffron cauliflower cream: This vegetable, widely used in Christmas meals, is the main base to prepare an exquisite soft cream and powerful flavor thanks to the aroma of saffron. Much lighter than simply taking cooked cauliflower, it is ideal to take advantage of some rest of this vegetable that has been left over on Christmas Eve.
  • Glass of cream of leeks with crunchy ham: Simple ingredients available to everyone form this cream of leeks with crunchy ham. An ideal light option for when we do not want complications in the kitchen and so simple that you only need a good sautéed vegetables to be delicious.

We hope you are 13 salty recipes in glass for the end of the year dinner serve you as a help or at least as an inspiration to start your menu with which to reach 2016 We wish you a happy holiday to all!

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