Vegetarian burgers, traditional Mexican recipes, very original pasta and more in Directo al Paladar México

We meet again one more Thursday with our friends from Direct to the Palate Mexico to discover the recipes that have prepared us this last week. Focused on the celebration of their national holidays, our colleagues bring us the most appetizing and original dishes, with options for all tastes. Will you accompany me to browse?

This time we are waiting ideas for cooking authentic Mexican cuisine, vegetarian burgers, pasta dishes somewhat different and also some sweet, always with the particular touch of its cuisine that gives all these proposals a really special flavor. I love to travel virtually through so many aromas and ingredients.

To set ourselves in tune we can start directly with a good cocktail, which also has a very suggestive name and still fancy these days of late summer. Acapulco de Noche cocktail is well loaded with tequila and rum but it is also sweet thanks to the accompanying fruit, lemon, orange and pineapple.

If there is a typical product of Mexican cuisine it is without a doubt corn, called corn in his land A typical dish of each house is the cream of corn, creamy and very nutritious, which is good for us to add to our recipe of comforting spoon dishes for the cold days ahead. Another very traditional recipe is enchiladas such as ham in red sauce, with a filling that can be adapted to taste using turkey or chicken meat, for example.

Let's go now with special recipes for vegetarians, but honestly, they look so good that everyone should try them. First, a vegetarian mushroom burger, prepared with rice and assorted mushrooms, and an even simpler version, the eggplant burger. In addition, we have a lighter option of the classic Mexican wire, without animal products.

No weekly menu will be complete without your pasta dish. I liked the idea of ​​transferring Niçoise pasta to the base of the typical French salad to a more complete meal using fresh tuna marked to the point. And don't tell me it's not colorful and amazing the crown of dried noodles in tomato, surely you have never tried the noodles in this way.

We finish with the sweet cherry that puts a fantastic cream pancake with a touch of orange, a cake that I liked a lot because I usually prepare very similar recipes at home for breakfast and snacks. The touch of wholemeal flour that I think enhances the flavor of natural orange in the dough.

And this has been all for today, surely this week's recipes have reopened your appetite. We read in seven days with a new delivery of the dishes that our friends have cooked since Direct to the Palate Mexico. Do not miss it!