Walk through the gastronomy of the Network. Dishes to share watching football

Although last Friday the Spanish National Team was defeated in their first game, there is still a soccer world cup for a while and there are still many chances to enjoy watching a game in the company of friends or family. For that reason, our Walk through the gastronomy of the Network this week, is dedicated to dishes to share watching football.

With these recipes you can succeed in meetings at home, sharing simple dishes, but giving them a special touch to make them more attractive For your family and friends, you will surely find them delicious, whatever happens with the game.

We start with delicious meatballs, a simple dish that is ready to share. You can try several recipes. For example, the Swedish Kotbüllar or Meatballs that you have prepared Mara in Gredos in your blog If you prefer Caramelized Meatballs with soybeans, then you will like those of Safra de Brí. Another good option can be to make them using Trufa, an ingredient that we can use in many dishes, if we want to enjoy an intense and interesting flavor.

If you prefer hamburgers, we have some suggestions to share on a game night. For example you can prepare some classic meat burgers and give them a special touch with a special sauce like the one Alanda suggests in their blog To the fine herbs. We can also prepare a delicious red pepper marmalade, a special touch for meats that works very well with hamburgers.

And if it comes some vegetarian friend, no problem because we can make the lentil and quinoa burgers that teaches us Bea the kitchens in your blog We can also make a sautéed broccoli and cauliflower with Burgo de Arias cheese that you will enjoy without problem.

Since we are with broccoli, I really liked the idea of ​​mixing it with cheddar cheese and making Tots, a kind of croquettes that even children who are watching the game with their parents or their favorite uncles will like very much. Lola de Almería teaches them to us in White garlic.

The smallest of the house, and many of the elders, will enjoy the recipe of Croque Monsieur, originally from Juan Pozuelo that Alya from Cartoon cooking He drew so that everything seems simpler. You have to try it.

Crunchy mascarpone cheese with raspberry sweet from Ettore on the blog BavetteThey are also very good to share, especially if the match ends with a favorable outcome. Everyone will want to celebrate victory with one of these crunchies.

If the game is too late and someone stays at home, remember that making a special breakfast is simple. At Helios space is life They tell us three fun and fast ideas to make a special breakfast.

And we say goodbye until next Walk for the Gastronomy of the Network, which will be the first of the summer and that we will possibly devote to recipes for ice cream and other refreshing dishes. Before, remember that legumes are a good ally for summer. Until the next Walk, which will be next week.